The 2015 tax season is in full swing! Taxpayers with and without disabilities are preparing to file their taxes in anticipation for what is often the largest cash payment many receive all year: their tax refund.

Unfortunately, many taxpayers do not realize they may qualify for an even larger tax refund by claiming the Earned Income Tax Credit or EITC; worse, many miss out on a refund altogether, fearing that filing their taxes and claiming the credit may lead to an additional tax burden — an all too common misconception.

Tomorrow (January 30th) is EITC Awareness Day, and if you worked last year, you may be eligible for EITC and may be missing out on the opportunity to get more of your money back from the IRS! If you didn’t know about the EITC, you’re not alone. Currently, one in five Americans who are eligible for EITC are unaware they qualify and do not claim it.

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