Hawaii News Now presents the story of Kaimana DeRamos who currently has Type 1 Diabetes.  Governor David Ige signed the House Bill 10 which recognizes the need for students to be tested for diabetes.

“Kaimana DeRamos is a kindergartener at Mililani Uka Elementary. Like many five year old boys, he likes playing dinosaurs with friends. But Kaimana isn’t like most five-year-olds. He has Type 1 Diabetes.

“He is one of the first students that we’ve had with Type 1 diabetes. So in any school, we are to keep children safe as well as responsible for their learning. But when they come with a health condition, sometimes we actually need additional personnel in order for them to continue to be safe,” said school principal Heather Wilhelm.”

Chelsea Davis presents this story on Hawaii News Now.  To continue reading this article, please click here.