Posted on May 6, 2015, a woman found a disgusting note on her car due to the lack of awareness of invisible disabilities being a disability.

A while ago I shared the open letter to the woman who tutted at me for using the accessible toilets and then started a campaign called More Than Meets The Eye to raise awareness of invisible disabilities.

I know that having an illness or disability that can’t be easily seen opens you up to the judgement and abuse of others.

But I was shocked to read about a PhD student at the University of York who was left upset and in disbelief when she came back to her car with her 13 year old son to find a note attached abusing her for parking in a disabled space.

‘Being fat and ugly doesn’t count as disabled – (park elsewhere)’ read the note found by Sarah Metcalfe’s son.

Sarah, 35, has chronic illness Fibromyalgia, an invisible disability that causes pain, chronic fatigue and muscle stiffness.  After parking her car in a disabled space at a Tesco store on Thursday 30 April, the mum returned to the hand written note left by a judgmental passer by despite being entitled to park due to her illness.

Continue reading this article on Metro UK where Metcalfe supports the idea of promoting awareness of invisible disabilities.