This page will be updated continuously to reflect the most recent information. This page was last updated on January 25, 2021.

Hawaii’s Medicaid program, administered by the Department of Human Services Med-QUEST Division, provides health insurance at no cost to qualifying Hawaii residents.

Am I eligible?

Eligibility for Medicaid is based on the income and assets of everyone in your household. To find out if you are eligible, you can take an online eligibility pre-assessment at

When evaluating applications, the Med-QUEST Division has made the following changes:

  • The additional $600/week added to Unemployment Insurance benefits through the CARES Act will not be counted as income.
  • US Treasury Economic Impact payments will not be counted as income and will not be counted as assets for 12 months after being received.

How do I apply?

You can apply online at

You can apply by calling if you do not have access to a computer:

  • (808) 524-3370 (Oahu)
  • 1-(800)-316-8005 (Neighbor Islands)

Med-QUEST offices are closed to the public. If you are unable to apply online or call, there will be a drop box for paper applications at the Eligibility Branch Offices.

I already have Medicaid. Will it be affected by changes in income during the national emergency?

If you were on Medicaid as of March 18, 2020 or have become eligible since then, your Medicaid coverage will not be terminated due to changes of income during the national emergency.

Update 1/25/2021 – The declaration of the public health emergency was renewed on January 21, 2021, extending the protection for another 90 days.