Where to Begin

When beginning your search for a career there are many places you can go to find out about jobs. These places can also tell you what training you will need and where to get that training. This fact sheet will talk about education after high school, places that help people who are interested in starting their own business, and the State of Hawaii’s One-Stop Career Centers.

Higher Education

Continuing education is part of life, if you are a person with a disability or not. There are many different paths that people can take toward education, with a variety of goals in mind, such as:

  • Letters of Recognition – two or three classes that teach skills for a specific job
  • Certificates – shorter program, teaching the skills needed for quick entry into the workplace
  • Degrees – two or four year pro – gram teaching the skills needed to get a job or continue your education

Usually, the college has either a department or a person who is in charge of support services for students with disabilities. They can help with accommodations, problem solving, and making sure the classes and the physical environment of the college are accessible. Examples of accommodations are:

  • Taking tests in a quiet area
  • Longer time for tests
  • Note takers
  • Written copies of material that
  • is presented out loud
  • Notes from lectures
  • Use of an interpreter

The services offered at each school will vary. You should be prepared to give documentation of your disability.

Starting Your Own Business

There are a several programs that can help you start your own business:

IPE (Individualized Plan for Employment) is a program for individuals who are eligible for services through Vocational Rehabilitation.

The Hawaii Small Business Development Center offers online training and individual counseling. They have offices on every island. U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) offers information on how to start your business, writing a business plan and financing.

One-Stop Career Centers

One-Stop Career Centers are places that have many programs for training, education and employment under one roof. These centers offer all jobseekers easy entry to services such as job listings, referrals to employers and placement assistance.

If you are a person with a disability and are having problems getting services from the One Stop Career Center, a Disability Program Navigator may be able to help.

America’s Service Locator
(to locate your local One-Stop Career Center)
(877) 348-0502
(877) 348-0501 TTY

National Center on Workforce and Disability
(888) 886-9898 Voice/TTY
[email protected]

One Stop Toolkit
This website provides information on One-Stop Career Centers and other resources.

Other Resources

Hawaii Small Business
Development Center

(808) 974-7515 State Office
(808) 933-077 Hawaii
(808) 523-6118 Honolulu
(808) 246-1748 Kauai
(808) 875-2402 Maui

Social Security Administration
300 Ala Moana Blvd. Rm 1-114
Honolulu HI 96850
(800) 772-1213 Toll-free
(808) 541-1060
(808) 541-3534 Fax
(800) 325-0778 TTY

Hawaii Department of Labor and Industrial Relations

HireNet Hawaii

U.S. Small Business Administration
Honolulu District Office
(808) 541-2990

VSA Arts Hawaii-Pacific
86-660 Lualualei Homestead Rd.
Waianae, HI 96792
(808) 697-1202
(808) 697-1202 Fax