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Ticket to work is a Social Security Program with the goal of assisting people receiving Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) in obtaining employment and earning enough money to end the need for cash benefits. The program is voluntary.

Why did Social Security implement this program?

  • To lower the barriers to employment for people who receive SSI and SSDI.
  • To encourage people to access vocational services to assist them to work and achieve self-sufficiency.
  • To provide more vocational options for beneficiaries.
  • To create a comprehensive set of supports for employing people with disabilities.

What are some of the benefits?

  • Free assistance from Employment Networks in finding employment opportunities.
  • The Social Security Administration (SSA) will not conduct a Continuing Disability Review.

Employment Networks

An Employment Network (EN) is an entity approved by the Social Security Administration (SSA) to provide employment-related services under the Ticket to Work Program (TTW). Employment Networks may offer a variety of services such as job readiness services, placement services, vocational rehabilitation, training, job coaches, transportation or other supports.

For more information and a list of ENs, visit the Ticket to Work Web Site.

Medical Continuing Disability Review

All Social Security disability beneficiaries normally undergo periodic medical reviews, called Continuing Disability Reviews (CDRs). Social Security uses the CDR to determine if there has been medical improvement, or to determine whether a beneficiary is still eligible for benefits. So long as a beneficiary is making timely progress on an Individual Work Plan (IWP), Social Security will not initiate a medical CDR.

Wages and eligibility

Earnings (wages) have the same affect on benefit eligibility whether the individual participates in the Ticket Program or not. The SSI work rules and SSDI work rules describe how wages affect these benefits.

Staying Enrolled and Eligible

An Individual Work Plan is a formal agreement with an Employment Network detailing exactly how you will use their services in order to achieve your employment goals. The Plan includes specific steps and time frames and may span many years

In order to keep using the services made available by a Ticket – for the Ticket to be considered “in use” – a beneficiary must demonstrate “timely progress” on an Individual Work Plan (IWP). Social Security defines timely progress differently during different time windows:

  • Active participation in the Individual Work Plan during the first 24-month period
  • Increased work activity and earnings during subsequent 12-month progress review periods

A beneficiary can receive Ticket program services for sixty months – 5 years – and sometimes longer.

Time Progress Guidelines

To continue reading the time progress guidelines, you can find attached the resource linkfor Time Progress Guidelines in your upper right hand corner.