Kanya Sesser is a true inspiration. The 23 year old beauty was born without legs in Thailand and was abandoned by her parents on the steps of a Buddhist Temple. After being raised by monks for a few years and being shuffled back and forth between foster homes, she was adopted by an American family. Not one to feel sorry for herself, Kanya was determined to live out the American dream, despite her disability. Not only does she fully function without the use of prosthesis or a wheel chair, but she surfs, skateboards, dances, and participates in a variety of action sports. She is also a motivational speaker and model.

When Kanya came to visit the Young & Reckless headquarters, she rolled through the door on a skateboard with the biggest smile and most positive energy. We were so inspired by her and realized her story needed to be shared with the world. Amongst all the negativity we have been bombarded with lately, Kanya is a shining light that reminds us about the power of love and the importance of believing in ourselves. Click the link below to check out her story.

Kanya Sesser

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